michigan job fair
michigan job fair michigan job fair michigan job fair michigan job fair michigan job fair michigan job fair

Cumulus is always on the lookout for our next great Sales Representative.

September 30, 2014 Job Fair Employers

Quicken Loans

Metro Cars

The Home Depot Store - 1500 Positions Available

Cricket Wireless - 50 Store Locations

Verizon Wireless Stores

Global Information Technology

First Financial Insurance Group

New York Life Insurance

Walden University (Student Recruitment Only)

Dialog Direct, Dialogue Marketing, Budco

Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit

Dorsey Schools - Recruiting Students

MSC Industrial Supply Co

Search Optics - Digital Marketing

Minacs / Onstar / Netflix

Contract Subs /Professional Educational Services Group


Wieland Precision Technology

Gardner White Furniture Co.

AIG Financial Network

The Senior Network

Synergia Automotive

Genisys Credit Union

Lucido Morris Wealth Management

Winter Sausage

Hi-Tech Mold & Eng, Inc.

American Profit Recovery

Allstate Insurance

D & N Bending Corp.

Allegra Direct Communications

Cadillac Products Automotive Co.

Real Estate One

Advance Security

Tim Crawford Insurance Agency

Shelving & Rack Systems, Inc.

Recruitment Management Consultants (RMC)

Paragon Properties

Merithall Staffing

Little Caesars - Hiring Managers & Co-Managers

Cintas Corporation

JETT Pump and Valve, LLC.

IMPACT Management Services (Staffing Agency)

And many other companies.......

Detroit Healthcare Job Fair

Detroit Sales Job Fair

Detroit Technology Job Fair


Detroit Engineering Job Fair


August 28th, Job Fair Employers

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Service, Parts & Collision Jobs with Hendrick Automotive Group


How To Get Hired At The Next Job Fair

  • If the Web sites of job fair producers offer the option, search for jobs in advance, to target the most promising, participating employers. Read the employers' profiles if available, to help you answer the classic question, "Why do you want to work for us?"
  • Plan to take at least 25 crisp resumes to a job fair, 40 or so if it's a huge event. (The job fair might have copy facilities for free or a small fee, which is nice if you run out. But don't count on it ahead of time.)
  • Before a job fair, prepare to interview on the spot, summary style in a few minutes or less. In other words, be prepared to quickly sell your skills, talents and experiences.

  • Visit your targeted employers first with resume in hand, and spend some "quality time" with each. But, remember that they have many more job seekers waiting, so don't try to hog all their time or be offended if they cut it short. Once you've hit all of your targets, "shop" other employers' booths and do some networking.
  • Collect business cards or contact info as you go, and do follow up within 24-48 hours with a thank-you letter to each of the representatives with whom you spoke.
  • More Tips and Techniques click here

michigan job fair


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